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Zo Skin Care in Syracuse, NY

ZO® Skin Health is a comprehensive line of skincare that utilizes cutting-edge science for both doctors and patients. Cool Lipo Laser Center of New York is proud to offer ZO® Skin Health as a part of your regular skin care regimen. Dr. Douglas Halliday and the Cool Lipo Laser Center of New York Laser Skin Spa team perform a comprehensive range of hair removal and skin care procedures for men and women throughout Syracuse, NY, and the surrounding communities.

What is ZO® Skin Health?

ZO® Skin Health provides products and skin care regimens that bring together the healing of therapeutic treatments with the wellness of daily care. This allows the client to enjoy perpetually healthy skin regardless of age or previous skin conditions.

Am I a Candidate for ZO® Skin Health?

If you have previously spent time treating your skin to repair and renew flaws and signs of aging and wish to continue on that path of wellness and maintenance with a daily product that will enhance that deeper work, then you may be the perfect candidate for ZO® Skin Health.

Benefits of ZO® Skin Health

ZO® Skin Health works not only to help repair skin damage but to boost and strengthen the skin’s natural function, allowing it to more effectively work to heal and hydrate itself naturally.

How are ZO® Skin Health Products Selected for Me?

During your consultation with the doctor, you will discuss your needs and concerns and the wish list you have for your skin. The doctor will examine your skin and determine if ZO® Skin Health is right for you. He may prescribe ZO® Skin Health and will advise you on the proper usage of as a part of your regular skin care regimen.

How Long Do the Results Last?

Skin care is something that happens every day, and the results are only as good as your commitment to that responsibility. It is important that you closely follow the instructions for each product that you utilize to achieve maximum benefits.

How Much Do ZO® Skin Health Products Cost?

Cool Lipo Laser Center of New York offers CareCredit® financing, and we also accept cash, check and credit card. ZO® Skin Health products vary in price, and we are happy to discuss costs associated with treatments during your consultation.

Dr. Douglas Halliday and the Cool Lipo Laser Center of New York Laser Skin Spa team are dedicated to delivering high-quality hair removal and skin treatments for patients in Syracuse, NY, as well as the surrounding communities. If you’re considering freshening your look through skin care treatments or removing unwanted body hair, contact us to schedule a free consultation.