Spider Veins Treatments in Syracuse, NY

More than 25 million Americans have visible veins on their legs. Often called spider veins because of their spider-like appearance, spider vein treatment through VeinLaze™ is a safe and effective answer to this problem. Douglas Halliday and the Cool Lipo Laser Center of New York Laser Skin Spa team perform a comprehensive range of hair removal and skin care procedures for men and women throughout Syracuse, NY, and the surrounding communities.

What are Spider Veins Treatments?

A focused beam of light targets the spider vein selected for treatment. VeinLaze™ utilizes intense pulses of infrared light to destroy the vein, which is reabsorbed into the body, disappearing over time.

Am I a Candidate for Spider Veins Treatments?

If you struggle with varicose or spider veins on your legs, along with pain or heaviness in the legs, swelling, a decrease in your mobility and a lack of confidence in summer attire, then you may be a great candidate for spider vein treatments.

Benefits of Spider Veins Treatments

  • Relief from swelling, cramping and leg heaviness
  • An increase in mobility
  • Renewed confidence in shorts and bathing suits
  • No more compression stockings

How to Get Rid of Spider Veins on Your Legs?

Typically, more than one treatment is required. Pulses of light are directed at the veins, collapsing them and rerouting blood flow to other vessels. The body reabsorbs these veins so that they disappear from view.

How Long Do the Results Last?

The results of spider vein treatments may be long lasting once your course of treatment is complete. Our staff will determine how many treatments are appropriate to deliver the results you desire.

How Much Do Spider Veins Treatments Cost?

CareCredit® financing is available for spider vein treatment procedures, and Dr. Halliday will discuss costs with you during your consultation. For your convenience, Cool Lipo Laser Center of New York Laser Skin Spa also accepts all forms of payment including cash, check and credit card.

Dr. Douglas Halliday and the Cool Lipo Laser Center of New York Laser Skin Spa team are dedicated to delivering high-quality hair removal and skin treatments for patients in Syracuse, NY, as well as the surrounding communities. If you’re considering freshening your look through skin care treatments or removing unwanted body hair, contact us to schedule a free consultation.