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Skin Rejuvenation and skincare in Syracuse and Central NY

Skin Rejuvenation and skincare in Syracuse and Central NY: The Difference Between a ProvencePeeland Spa or Salon grade Chemical Peels

With a plethora of day spas, salons and non-medically supervised “esthetic” practices in Syracuse and Central New York performing mild chemical peels, it’s no wonder why consumers get confused. Generally speaking, peels offered in such environments have minimal therapeutic effect due to the non-clinical nature of the individuals performing the peels and the strength of the chemical peel compound itself.

While there is nothing wrong with supporting your local salon by seeking pampering treatments, if you’re looking for significant results in your skin in order to address challenges such as fine lines and wrinkles, then Dr. Halliday’s Cool Lipo Laser Center of New York team may be able to help. Exclusive Cool Lipo Laser Center of New York services such as ProvencePeel, ProvencePeel Forte, ProvencePeel Max and ProvencePeel CryoThérapie have designs that are formulated to give visible results.

As an experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Douglas Halliday recognizes that chemical peels in a plastic surgery supervised setting permit a higher concentration of acid at a PH level that can actually reach deep underneath the skin in order to actually obtain the benefits associated with these kinds of treatments. However, don’t confuse acid percentage with PH, this is completely different.

The percentage of a peel just indicates how much of the peeling agent is contained in the peel. So a 15% glycolic acid peel has less glycolic acid than a 50% glycolic acid peel. The biggest factor when it comes to peels is their PH level. This indicates how deep the peel will penetrate into your skin and how dramatic a result you will get. The thing to remember is, the lower the PH, the deeper the peel will penetrate into your skin. When the skin’s proteins react with an acid of low pH, the body’s repair system works to replace your older skin tissue with new structures.

There are many different acids and compounds used in chemical peels and there are a large variety of peels available in today’s marketplace. Each type of chemical peel has varying benefits. Facial Plastic Surgery supervised offices such as Cool Lipo Laser Center of New York typically recommend a series of chemical peel treatments over time in order to promote exfoliation of the top layers of skin on your face and neck and thus allow for increased lymph flow (which provides cleaning, toning and reduces redness).

Essentially, with unique treatments such as a ProvencePeel, you’re allowing your skin to heal itself, reduce the thickening on the epidermis and permitting more blood circulation and nutrients to the skin. This promotes collagen production which enables greater elasticity of the skin and correction of brown spots and uneven complexion brought on by UV sun damage exposure and the aging process. Best of all, with a proven powerful ProvencePeel chemical skin peel you will notice more vibrant, radiant looking skin.

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