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Cool Laser Lipo Center of New York Reviews

Susan Yoffa:
FIVE STARS – Ladies and gentlemen!! If you have never had any services at this facility, now is the time!! This is the best!! Whether you are looking for a facial or a way to lose that tough little spot of fat that just wont go away any other way, call and go on in!! Everyone is so professional, whether you are a man or woman, you will feel comfortable about any treatment you are looking for!! The Girls are friendly, professional and will make you feel completely at ease. They are also extremely well trained in every treatment that they offer. Also, keep watching for the events they offer!! They are a lot of fun and you can get great prices at these events!!
Kathy Tice: 
FIVE STARS – As always I had a great experience! The staff could not be any nicer. I can’t wait till my next appointment. I am trying something new.
Patricia Melvin:
FIVE STARS – Skin Laze, headed by Dr Halliday, is a testament to the SYRACUSE, New York area that the best is not always in the largest cities in New York. We are favored to have top surgical skills in the local area. When asked as I travel,, how I keep my skin in such flawless condition, the answer always contains the name Dr Halliday and his staff. As a career woman, keeping a youthful, natural appearance is a must. Prevention of inflammation and skin integrity is integral. Dr Halliday’s deft skill with instruments, and less is more philosophy, makes him the artful professional who turned Harvard down to continue offering the women of SYRACUSE,NY the  same masterful skills as the top plastic surgeons in New York City. Dr Halliday offers his talents as a plastic surgeon with a compassionate, listening ear and a dry sense of humor. He discusses short and long term recommendations always with realistic goals. He takes the time to answer questions and show compassion and sensitivity when needed. As a personal aside, my niece went to Dr Halldsy after a serious in line skating accident.  If he were mercenary, he could have operated on her at 17 yrs old, but refused to because she was “too young.” He strongly suggested she wait. She did wait and came back a few years later. Dr Halliday then, worked on her nose to fix extensive damage with a most beautiful outcome. I strongly recommend Dr Halliday and his staff’s work.  Some of my Manhatten friends are coming to SYRACUSE to have Dr Halliday provide his professional skills to them.
Caitlin Hoff: 
FIVE STARS – I absolutely love everything about Skinlaze. They frequently run great deals making their services affordable. They have a great staff and are extremely professional. For something as awkward as Brazilian laser hair removal, I always feel perfectly comfortable and well taken care of at Skinlaze!
Tracy Hepler: 
FIVE STARS – Amazing. Everything! The staff, the procedure, I just cannot recommend them enough!
Nicole Coker: 
FIVE STARS – I have been coming to Skinlaze for about two years. I cannot tell you how pleasant the staff is. Dayna is the first voice you hear when you come through the door and when you leave. I can call or email her and she is very prompt with her response. All of the aestheticians are excellent. They are very knowledgeable and know everything. I would recommend that you try them. I will be returning on Wednesday. I have cystic acne and they are clearing up the scars.