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Eyebrow Hair Removal in Syracuse, NY

When we first start to consider hair removal, eyebrows are often our first baby step into the world of laser hair removal. Plucking is often the first attempt, but that is terribly painful and tedious – waxing even more so. Laser hair removal offers a nearly pain-free hair removal experience on and around the eyebrows. Dr. Douglas Halliday and the Cool Lipo Laser Center of New York Laser Skin Spa team perform a comprehensive range of hair removal and skin care procedures for men and women throughout Syracuse, NY, and the surrounding communities.

What is Eyebrow Hair Removal?

Our eyebrows affect our expression and help us convey our mood. Eyebrow hair removal targets unwanted hair above the eye, removing it with pulsating beams of laser light, which helps to result in sculpted brows. The glabella is the space between the eyebrows where an excess amount of hair is prone to grow. Waiting for the hair to grow long enough to wax and constantly checking for stray hairs in the car mirror are unneeded worries. Instead of risking pulling the delicate skin and leaving the skin between your eyes red and irritated, you can get fast, affordable ExpressLaze℠ laser hair removal treatments at the Cool Lipo Laser Center of New York Laser Skin Spa Center in Syracuse, NY.

Am I a Candidate for Eyebrow Hair Removal?

If you suffer from painful eyebrow waxing or if you struggle with unwanted hair on and around your eyebrows, you are likely a great candidate for eyebrow hair removal. As the trusted leader in Laser Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation in Upstate & Central NY, the Cool Lipo Laser Center of New York team offers time-tested ExpressLaze℠ Laser Hair Removal treatments that are extremely effective for eliminating unwanted glabella/ eyebrow hair between your eyes. What’s more is that ExpressLaze℠ treatments are guaranteed and backed with a lifetime membership!

These affordable laser hair removal treatments are rendered by a team of trained NY State Licensed Estheticians who work under the direction of the Cool Lipo Laser Center of New York medical director and Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Doug Halliday. Each safe and effective ExpressLaze℠ treatment takes just a few short minutes. Imagine…never having to worry about those annoying glabella eyebrow hairs again.

Benefits of Eyebrow Hair Removal

The benefits of eyebrow hair removal include saying goodbye to painful waxing and the subsequent redness and swelling that often accompanies. Eyebrow hair removal may help to provide you with smooth, sculpted eyebrows.

How is Eyebrow Hair Removal Performed?

Plucking and waxing may no longer be necessary after the laser’s light is transmitted into the hair on the eyebrows. The treatment causes damage to the follicle, preventing hair regrowth. No more painful waxing and plucking!

With excellent laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation solutions for all skin types, Cool Lipo Laser Center of New York Laser Skin Spa in Syracuse & , NY offers multiple wavelengths providing you with a customized treatment to get you on your way to being hair-free.

Coming in for a free ExpressLaze™ Laser Hair Removal Consultation is the most important step towards having a smooth hair free face. Our trained and experienced team members have been asked every question imaginable over the past 20+ years, and we are committed to helping you make the best choice to achieve your Glabella Eyebrow and facial laser hair removal goals. During your complimentary consultation, we’ll answer all of your facial laser hair removal questions and develop a treatment protocol and timeline that is just right for you.

How Long Do the Results Last?

Results of laser hair removal on the eyebrows may be very long lasting. Your eyebrows may remain sculpted and beautiful! It is possible that you may desire future touch-up treatment years after your initial treatment to maintain results.

How Much Does Eyebrow Hair Removal Cost?

CareCredit® financing is available for your convenience, and we at Cool Lipo Laser Center of New York also accept all forms of payment that include cash, check and credit cards.

Dr. Douglas Halliday and the Cool Lipo Laser Center of New York Laser Skin Spa team are dedicated to delivering high-quality hair removal and skin treatments for patients in Syracuse, NY, as well as the surrounding communities. If you’re considering freshening your look through skin care treatments or removing unwanted body hair, contact us to schedule a free consultation.