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Dr. Halliday’s Charity Work

Cool Lipo Laser Center of New York Founder, Surgeon Dr. Douglas Halliday, Ph.D., MD in Syracuse, NY and His Charitable Endeavors in Central New York (CNY)

For several decades, Doctor Doug Halliday has been an inspiration to the Central NY Community through his active participation and funding of area organizations that benefit humanity. Helping those who need it has become something of the norm for the Cool Lipo Laser Center of New York founder, Dr. Halliday who is a native Syracuse Otolaryngologist who specializes in Facial Plastic Surgery. Below are some of the highlights of Dr. Halliday’s charity and philanthropic contributions to Syracuse and Central New York.

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Dr. Doug W. Halliday, Ph.D., MD and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Domestic Violence Program
From 1990-2000 Dr. Halliday served on the pro bono committee for the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He was involved in the development of the domestic violence program in which a network of doctors give pro bono or free medical care to victims of domestic violence. Since that time he has provided free services to many patients who have been battered or abused. Doctor Douglas Halliday was recognized for his contributions toward the Syracuse and Central NY community in several publications including the Syracuse Post-Standard, the Upstate Medical Alumni Journal, and the SUNY Oswego Alumni Magazine, Distinguished Alumnus Award in 1998 where he and TV personality Al Roker were the nominees for the award that year.

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Dr. Halliday and Arise Child & Family Advocacy
From 1996 to 2000 Dr. Halliday served on the board of Arise, a Central New York advocacy non-profit organization. He was instrumentally involved in developing Arise’s ski program at Toggenburg and became certified as a disabled ski instructor along with his son, Ken Halliday.

Doc” Halliday was also instrumental in procuring the addition of Marshall Farms to Arise in order to have a disabled riding stable and horse farm for disabled individuals in the Syracuse and CNY area. Marshall Farms was also made possible at the time by Dr. Marshall of Cazenovia, NY. Dr. Marshall had sustained a severe injury from trauma, and when he recovered from this ordeal, he made a decision to give his wonderful horse farm to Arise with the help of Dr. Halliday. Dr. Marshall has since written extensively on this issue including a well-circulated book.

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Doctor Doug Halliday and the Oriskany High School Scholarship
Since 2001 Dr. Doug Halliday has helped graduating students of his high school alma mater, Oriskany High School (in Oriskany NY), pursue a degree in a college or university with a generous scholarship. Each year, outstanding male and female athletes receive between $500 and $1000 a piece towards their college education thanks to Dr. Halliday’s generosity.

Here is a list of recipients for “Doc” Halliday’s Scholarship Program:

  • 2001 Matt Trinkaus
  • 2002 Jennifer Tuttle and Daniel Granato
  • 2003 Danielle Anderson and Eric Latendress
  • 2004 Rachael Morehouse and Mike Jankiewicz
  • 2005 Carly Lopez and Todd Allen
  • 2006 No recipients
  • 2007 Kayla Topi and Jared Marshall
  • 2008 Elizabeth Horan and Mike Sreca
  • 2009 Mallory Ingalls and Rhett Kristi
  • 2010 Megan Serley and Brad Sahl
  • 2011 Bethani Gauthier and Jacob O’Neil
  • 2012 Steven Rossi and Megan Carlo

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Doctor Douglas W. Halliday and the SUNY Oswego College Scholarship
In 2006 Dr. Douglas W. Halliday set up a $50,000 scholarship for students of his college alma mater, SUNY Oswego. As a leading Facial Plastic Surgeon and Otolaryngologist, Dr. Halliday set up the scholarship so it can be used by science students who need funds to help them with their independent sinus research project

As the result of Doctor Halliday’s scholarship fund, many students at SUNY Oswego have done independent research and published many publications to the benefit of humanity. Dr. Halliday created this scholarship award because of his fondness for his undergraduate education, the opportunities he was given at SUNY Oswego and his desire to give back to the Central NY community.

Looking back upon his undergraduate education at SUNY Oswego, Doctor Doug Halliday was particularly fond of both the biology and chemistry departments and is still in contact with a close friend, Dr. Gus Silveira who was his organic chemistry professor and inspired him to go on to higher education. He was also inspired by Dr.Tony Nappi in the Department of Biology who encouraged him to pursue his interest in biology and research while helping Dr. Halliday make a decision to go on and obtain both an M.D. and a Ph.D. degree.

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Dr. Douglas W. Halliday, Ph.D., MD and Vera House
In 2007 Dr. Halliday served as honorary chairperson for Vera House, which is a facility dedicated to taking care of victims of domestic violence. He was chosen for this position because of his charity work and pro bono surgical services for victims of domestic violence. Doctor Doug Halliday was recognized in particular for his work on an Ethiopian girl whose face was burned by a witch doctor and required over a dozen operations in order to reconstruct her face.

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Doctor Doug Halliday, MD and Syracuse Area Basketball and Baseball Sports
As a Father of 3 sons and an avid athlete, Dr. Halliday has had a life-long belief that physical fitness and team sports are an integral part of a wholesome American lifestyle. Over two decades, Dr. Halliday coached both baseball and basketball in Central NY including coaching in the Jamesville-Dewitt Little League System and Immaculate Conception CYO Basketball. His teams were always competitive, and many of his players have gone on to compete in collegiate sports in partial thanks to Doctors encouragement, guidance and dedication to young people.

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Douglas W. Halliday, Ph.D., MD and the SUNY Upstate Medical Student Scholarship
In 2012 Dr. Halliday set up a $25,000 scholarship for medical students at SUNY Upstate (his medical school alma mater). The intent of the scholarship is to give aid to underprivileged students from small towns in Upstate New York. Dr. Halliday was also nominated to the Medical School Alumni Board. He is currently serving his second term on the Alumni Board which lasts for three years at a time. His interest in the board is fundraising and to help identify underprivileged students from small towns in the Syracuse, Central NY and Upstate New York area and help them realize their dreams of becoming a physician.

Dr. Halliday continues his local charitable and philanthropic work today throughout the Syracuse and Central NY region. If you have questions about the important community work that Dr. Halliday supports through his Medical Practice and through Cool Lipo Laser Center of New York, please contact us.