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Body Sculpting and Contouring in Syracuse, NY

New advances in cosmetic technologies mean that we can help our clients reduce unwanted fat without surgery. Douglas Halliday and the Cool Lipo Laser Center of New York Laser Skin Spa team perform a comprehensive range of hair removal and skin care procedures for men and women throughout Syracuse, NY, and the surrounding communities.

What is Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting, also known as body contouring, is a non-surgical procedure that reduces or removes unwanted body fat. Because of the high cost and risk of surgery, many previously opted to live with the unwanted fat they’d tried and failed to lose. Now, our clients can have unwanted fat deposits removed from specific areas such as the thighs or abdomen.

Am I a Candidate for Body Sculpting?

If you struggle with an inability to lose fat in certain areas of the body in spite of a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, you may be a great candidate for body sculpting.

Benefits of Body Sculpting

  • No anesthesia or drugs
  • No surgery
  • No incisions or scars
  • No downtime or recovery
  • No bruising, swelling or post-treatment pain
  • Long-lasting improvements in previously fat-storing areas of the body, such as the thighs and stomach

How is Body Sculpting Performed?

A low-level laser is directed toward unwanted fat cells. This energy stimulates these cells, breaking them down and releasing them into your system to be discarded. This process mimics what happens when you exercise, but our body sculpting process accelerates this progression. Surrounding tissues are not affected, so technicians can truly sculpt your body into new and attractive contours.

How Long Do the Results Last?

The results of your body sculpting procedure may be long lasting depending on your lifestyle choices.

How Much Does Body Sculpting Cost?

CareCredit® financing is available for body sculpting, and we also accept cash, check and credit cards. Costs are discussed during your initial consultation for body sculpting.

Dr. Douglas Halliday and the Cool Lipo Laser Center of New York Laser Skin Spa team are dedicated to delivering high-quality hair removal and skin treatments for patients in Syracuse, NY, as well as the surrounding communities. If you’re considering freshening your look through skin care treatments or removing unwanted body hair, contact us to schedule a free consultation.